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  2. 3x Rust Rust server Map Wipe
  3. Big Prison The prison has around 900 prisoners.
  4. GNUG Official Rust VIP Packages List All Prices are in AUD VIP Packages do not apply to any Vanilla Servers. VIP - $10 Fancy Title in Game /backpack (2 Additional Rows of Storage) /silt Allows you to put Text on Signs /sl - Allows you to turn Search Light into an Automated Security Light Use of Enhanced Hammer - You only have to select upgrade level once. - 1 Free Horse Spawn - VIP+ - $20 /backpack (4 Additional Rows of Storage) /bgrade 1 - Allows you to automatically upgrade building blocks to wood for no extra cost Maximum of 20 set homes Kits Included with Package: Raid, Building, Electricity - 2 Free Horse Spawns - - 1 Free Mini copter Spawn - All Commands and kits from previous level EliteVIP $35 /backpack (5 Additional Rows of Storage) /bgrade 2 - Allows you to automatically upgrade building blocks to stone for no extra cost /Autoauth - Automatically adds current clan members to your TC's & Turrets. *BONUS: Access to the Discord Elite Lounge* /sil - Allows you to put images on signs - 2 Free Mini copter Spawns - - 1 Free Scrap Transport Helicopter Spawn - - Unlimited Horse Spawns whilst Admins are online - All Commands and kits from previous levels EliteVIP+ $50 /backpack (7 Additional Rows of Storage) *BONUS: Access to the Discord Elite Lounge* - 2 Free Mini copter Spawns - - 2 Free Scrap Transport Helicopter Spawn - - 1 Free RHIB Spawn - - Unlimited Horse Spawns whilst Admins are online - *BONUS: Upon Purchase you may nominate one other player to receive a free copy of VIP+* Kits Included with Package: EliteRaid, EliteBuild, EliteGuns, EliteStarter All Commands and kits from previous levels Redemption Information: -Donate via the button on the top of the forums - Provide Proof of payment to one of the discord members listed below or via forum messages - Permissions may take up to 1 business day to be applied - Charge Backs will result in a permanent IP and Steam ID ban - Please inform OutermostGold of any errors, missing permissions or issues with VIP Authorised Staff to process VIP Packages: OutermostGold#0001 - @OutermostGold Lachlankm#0001 - @Lachlan
  5. 🎉 GNUG Official - Wasteland hot-fix update 🎉 Updated Updated money cap from 1 mil to 50 mil.
  6. 2020 Rust Survey We at GNUG's HQ love data and statistical data and we also love to hear feedback from our players, Below is a Google forms survey that will allow you to give feedback about the way you play Rust in general as well as allow you to give direct feedback and commentary on our most popular rust server the GNUG Official MEGA Map 10x. You choose the level of participation in this survey as all questions are optional however the servers future would benefit from lengthy and insightful answers. You can choose to just pick from the linear scale questions and check boxes or like a mad man skip those and just write essay level comments. We appreciate your time in helping us keep GNUG Great! ~Gold & the GNUG Executive Team
  7. Rust Updated Map and Blueprint Wipe The GNUG Official 10x Mega Map has been completely wiped. Best of luck and we will see you on the server.
  8. 🎉 GNUG Official - Wasteland update 🎉 Added Help menu. Added A settings menu. Moved View dist to the settings menu also renamed to "Change view Distance" Added the Added the ability to disable the Environmental Effects Updated Player menu. Added new button to access the new help menu Added new button to access the new settings menu. Changed possible view distance from 3.5 km to 10 km. Updated Respawn / Spawn menu Remove the welcome text that stuck on players screen Updated some error screens Changed Bleed out time to be 120 sec instead of 60. Updated Private Parking Limit to 5. The maximum amount of vehicles allowed in private parking Updated The amount of vehicles that can spawn on the map by 2 times.
  9. Lachlan


    Christmas is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, observed primarily on December 25 as a religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world. - Wikipedia
  10. Tesla - Cybertruck Tesla announced their new ute (pick-up truck) and i was wondering what people thought of it. Here is a video and a image of it!
  11. GNUG Official - Wasteland Rules 1. No Hacking, Cheating, Exploiting or glitching at any time 2. No Trolling (trolling includes but not limited to: Blowing up / destroying team assets, Being a idiot, etc) / Teamkilling (independent / AAF is free for all and can kill / destroy anything). 3. All Players Must Adhere to the Global Community Rules And Guidelines. 4. Staff have Initial Final Say, If you are not happy with a staff member interaction you have the right to dispute any and all outcomes. Executive Team members reserve the right to refuse you on the grounds of misuse if you spam disputes or are unsuccessful multiple times. 5. Players on BLUFOR and OPFOR must work as a team.
  12. Discord Rules Please ensure that you understand the discord rules before posting content in our discord. 1. Hateful, discriminatory, sexist, pornographic or any other form of inappropriate content is strictly prohibited. Content containing these themes will be deleted and you may be at risk of further disciplinary actions being taken against you. 2. Inappropriate or Advertising links are not allowed in any channel (this includes discord invites). 3. Do not misuse/abuse the discord bots 4. Ensure you are respectful to all community members and staff 5. Use the appropriate channels for communication (eg. Game discussions in #game-discussion)
  13. @EddieVomitCatflap It Should be back up in the next 24 hours!
  14. Hey all, Does anyone know when the 10x Rust server will be updated and online again? I can't connect ATM and guess it needs patching... Cheers, Eddie
  15. Arma 3 Wasteland - Changelog Please note that this changelog is all the changes that have happened over the past 2 two days (10/10/19 12/10/19) Changed Mag repacks Script so you can now use radar. Changed the starting amount from 3k to 5k for balancing Added New Admin Menu. Added new options to the admin menu Redone the style of the admin menu Change the server FPS to show in the menu Performance Tweaks Better player saving algorithm Changed how the server keeps the map clean (from dead vehicle etc) Anti-cheat / Anti-hack changes / updated Some other Backend stuff. Possible New features: Mission log screen. It will be like the kill feed but it will be for missions As always If you find any issues with any of our servers please go here.
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