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    Minecraft Rules And Guidelines General Global Minecraft Rules 1. All Users Must Adhere to the Global Community Rules And Guidelines. 2. In no way are you allowed to deface or alter any of the Hubs, Spawns or Warps. 3. Exploiting permissions loopholes, Duping and "Xraying" is not allowed. 4. You are not Allowed to use Auto-Clickers in any capacity. 5. Advertising of any kind is not allowed unless advertising another GNUG Official server or affiliated entity. 6. Staff Members have the ability to monitor all Whispers, Written Books, Signs and commands used. Any violation of the rules or attempts to circumvent the chat filters is not allowed. 7. Staff have Initial Final Say, If you are not happy with a staff member interaction you have the right to dispute any and all outcomes. Executive Team members reserve the right to refuse you on the grounds of misuse if you spam disputes or are unsuccessful multiple times. 8. Imitation of a staff member is not allowed. Staff members will not ask you for your password or credit card information in game to verify your identification. Please report anyone doing so. 9. Building anything meant to look like a sexual act or organ is not allowed. All structures must be kept appropriate and is up to staff interpretation. All violating structures may be removed without warning and without compensation. 10. You must adhere to all Game mode Specific Rules posted below whilst using those services.
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