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  1. Civilian Name: Raymond Reddington (may change) Age [IRL]: 18 How often will you be active for (Days a week roughly): 4-5 Back Story on why you want to become a Paramedic (Civilian Back Story): I have spent the past 25 years of my life involved in crime. After seeing my family break apart and finally come to the understanding that crime is not the way, i dedicated my life to making other people's better. With that i have spent countless years doing my best to serve and protect the innocent. I am at the point where i have gained medical and first aid skills whilst overseas in kenya working for an Aid NGO. So as i return, i hope that my skills can be used to help keep people safe and healthy as a paramedic. If you were accepted where would you see yourself in 3 Months: I hope to be at the point where i am able to lead other EMS, i feel as though i have leadership skills and would love to help others grow. What benefits / perks can you bring to the EMS Department: I have worked in other EMS systems, moreover, i feel as though i can dedicate time to bring the EMS department to its fullest through assisting with documents, trainings etc... Have you had any Police / Emergency Department experience in another Country or State (*Like Other Servers / Communities*): Not FiveM, but quite a bit in Arma 3 Do you have any medical experience (IRL): CPR + First Aid training Have you signed Up to CAD: Yes
  2. For those interested in applying to be a Gang/Cartel or Mafia, please fill the application below by copying and pasting a reply: Indicate between Gang, cartel or mafia: Name of Gang/Cartel/Mafia: Leader/s of the Gang/Cartel/Mafia: Members of the Gang/Cartel/Mafia (min of 4): Background of Gang/Cartel/Mafia: What your Gang/Cartel/Mafia will bring to the server and community:
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