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What was the “message / reason” attached to your ban so I can grasp the situation and then investigate the issue.


kind regards 


Moderation, Build teams

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On login attempt the returned message is:

"Failed to connect to the server

AdvancedBan >> Temporarily banned

Reason >> suspected hacking

Duration >> 178days(s) 4h 12min and 56 sec

Unban application in TS or forum

TS-Ip >> coming soon

Forum >> coming soon"


I had no warning or any sort of investigation into the 'suspected hacking' which I wasn't doing, just a sudden ban.

I suspect this may either an accident or a mod needing some education.


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We would like to thank you for wasting our time and yours,
if you would like to know why you are banned simply open your hacked client and it might suggest why you were banned.
Perhaps you could offer us some educational advice as to how my moderators are not suitable or perhaps this would not be wise?
GNUG reserves all rights to remove members causing violations of our Global and server Rules. We maintain the right to  exclude any such users
from our services without prior warning or investigations if we believe the integrity of our server(s) are compromised.

Your appeal is Denied, Thank you for choosing GNUG!!

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