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GNUG Official Rules and Guidelines

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Community Rules And Guidelines
What is expected of you.

1. No users are permitted to act in a way that may be perceived as intentional bullying, Sexist remarks or racism.
2. The use of Hacks, Hacked Clients, Exploits and Malicious Programs is not permitted.
3. Attempts to find exploits to these rules or acting in such a way as to circumvent these rules is not permitted. All "Gray Areas" are exclusively resolved by a member of staff and as such is open to staff interpretation.
4. Pornographic images is not allowed and Explicit/Suggestive images of persons under the age of 18 is not allowed. Any Violation of Australian Federal Law will have you reported to the Relevant Authorities.
5. Advertising of non-affiliated Communities or services is not allowed, All official links are available.
6. Intentional Misuse of our Officially provided services is not permitted and may result in your access of those services being revoked. (Ex. Discord Music Bot)
7. Staff have Initial Final Say, If you are not happy with a staff member interaction you have the right to dispute any and all outcomes. Executive Team members reserve the right to refuse you on the grounds of misuse if you spam disputes or are unsuccessful multiple times.
8. All users must adhere to any server specific rules at all times, All Applicable Rules can be found on these forums.

What you Can expect from a Staff Member.

1. Staff Members are expected to act in a manner which does not inflict vulgarity or violence upon any rule abiding member of the community.
2. Staff Members are not permitted to Endorse or Advertise anyone seen to be inflicting hate on the community.
3. Staff Members are in no way permitted for the duration of their time within a staff role or afterwards to disclose any information seen to be in confidentiality.
4. If at any point a staff member should leave the staffing team or expelled from the staffing team they are to cease all actions of moderation.
5. Staff Members are expected to maintain respect for others beliefs, sexuality, privacy and customs.
6. Staff Members are expected to act in such a way as to not reflect negatively on the community through:
Explicit/Inappropriate Content, Excessive Swearing, Excessive Inactivity or Jeopardising other staff Projects.
7. Staff Members are to be held personally accountable for all actions given in an Official Manner.

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